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Simply use your Social ID to login. An account will be instantly created, using your Firstname, Lastname and Email. That’s all information we get. We cannot and never will mess with your social timelines. We use social login to keep the nameless idiots out. By keeping the noise signal low, it provides for a quality platform, for serious people. We trust that is you … an independent Heritage Ambassador!


What participants get…

  • User account & affiliate ID #.
  • Access to the user Dashboard.
  • Participation in the Community.
  • Use of the online Directory & Map.
  • Invitation to any and all Meetups.
  • A basic User Orientation Course.
  • Read access to the JobsBoard.
  • Freedom to roam the Marketplace.
  • Access to live stats in the Affiliate Zone.

User accounts are always free. (ZERO cost to be an affiliate!)



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