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Users are automatically enrolled as affiliates. A standard affiliate program with ONE commission tier. This is not MLM. We don’t do spam and there is NO need to pay anything to be an affiliate.

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Herby Olschewski

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What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliates (you) actively draw attention to specific products and services with web links and QR codes. The entity ( offering the affiliate program tracks your efforts electronically with an affiliate ID attributed to you. In your case that unique number is . If and when a sale (member subscription in our case) is made via that number, you get a commission. That’s it. Affiliates are not involved in the selling, delivery and/or maintenance of the products/services. You are merely the messenger … and get paid for doing so…

Affiliates Earnings

The affiliate program manager defines what percentage of their product/service they can afford to give the affiliate. It can be a fixed fee or percentage of the sale. Usually that percentage varies on a sliding scale, to incentivize affiliates. In the case of, we prefer the percentage method. A clear breakdown of the commission structure can be reviewed here.

Note: Affiliate marketing is NOT multi level marketing. Affiliate programs only have ONE distinct tier and if there is no sale, there is no commission. Affiliates do NOT get paid to “recruit” others and it is NOT a “pyramid scheme”. There are no “levels”. For a better understanding of affiliate marketing, please refer to Wikipedia for a clear explanation of affiliate marketing and MLM.

Affiliate Marketing – Wikipedia VS  MLM – Wikipedia

In fact, many folks don’t realize they are directly involved with affiliate marketing. MOST online merchants use an affiliate program to sell stuff. A good example is Amazon. Every time you buy something from Amazon, an affiliate somewhere earns a small commission on that online sale. The foundation of Amazon was built with affiliate marketing… and the rest is history. It works.

Who else has affiliates?

Many merchants utilize an affiliate marketing channel. Have a closer look at these brands…

You get instant results here!

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Go viral!

Promote yourself in the process…

User Listings

While you can share any page on this website, including all the listings in the directory and on the map, members can also promote their own listings. Simply create a listing for yourself and/or your products and services. That way you promote your own stuff and get paid!

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Once you have added your listings, look for the embedded social icons and share widely!

Your basic affiliate link…

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Persoalized QR Codes

Apart from your basic affiliate link, we provide various graphics and QR codes. These have your affiliate ID already embedded. Simply download and Incorporate your graphics and QR code wherever you wish. Imagine your QR code on all your outgoing invoices, statements and just about everywhere? The possibilities are endless to drive traffic here and get paid !

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Real-time tracking & statistics…

Affiliate Statistics

We keep track of your efforts with sophisticated technology. Having an insight into where your traffic is coming from allows for higher productivity. You can see your statistics in real time…

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Setting your expectations….

Your results While it is true that success does not fall into your lap… it depends on how you position your lap! To be a Heritage Ambassador is a noble occupation by itself and many will be happy with just that. However, for those wising to make more of it and earn a second income, there is ample opportunity to do very well. That said, this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. There is hard work involved, with results accordingly. Common sense is also a standard requirement. Combine that with ambition and the drive to succeed, there is no reason you cannot reach for the moon. If you miss, you’ll be among the stars anyway. Let’s ride the rocket together. To your success !

Affiliates earn commissions on the following options

Downloads PLUS£5
Courseware PLUS£10
Business Pack£15
Partner 50/50£1000 *

Fits into what you currently do…

Heritage Ambassadors come from every walk of life and do many different things. We don’t want to change that. This is a side hustle that fits into your current circumstances . Young or old, employed or not, you probably find yourself in one (or several) of these groups…

  • Scholars & Students
  • Employment Seekers
  • Employed, But Always Broke!
  • Single & Stay-At-Home Parents
  • Struggling Business Owners
  • Administrators & Managers
  • Retrenched & Retired Folks
  • Successful Super Affiliates

Simply slide your Heritage Ambassador activities into your daily routine and live your life as is. Things will take shape accordingly. Remember, you’re in charge of your own destiny !


Can I be a successful affiliate?

No matter where you are in the world, nor what you do for a living…

ANYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador and earn money…


Pay back the loans!

Scholars & Students


Desperate for work!

Employment Seekers


I need a second income!

Employed, But Always Broke!


Be with your kids!

Single & Stay-At-Home Parents


Alternative revenue streams!

Struggling Business Owners


Smarter ways to generate revenie!

Administrators & Managers


Make use of all that experience!

Retrenched & Retired Folks


How to make money!

Successful Super Affiliates


A global opportunity for everyone!

No matter where you live, nor what you do for a living… EVERYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador!