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Users are automatically enrolled as affiliates. A standard affiliate program with ONE commission tier. This is not MLM. We don’t do spam and there is NO need to pay anything to be an affiliate.

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  • Users are automatically affiliates.

  • There is ZERO cost to participate.

  • It’s a single-tier program. No MLM!

  • Basic affiliate commission rate of 5%

  • Affiliates can progress to a rate of 50%

  • Members are upgraded to a rate of 20%

  • Business Pack includes a fixed rate of 35%

  • Partner 50/50 is automatically set to 50%

  • Lifetime cookies and IP session tracking.

  • Real-time link tracking and notifications.

  • Recurring affiliate referrals commissions.

  • No minimum commission payout amount.



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Affiliate Program

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Why do we ask for your social ID?