What's this all about?

A community of Heritage Ambassadors, building a global directory of everything related to our heritage, projected onto an online map. Facilitating meetups around the world, online courses and physical academy for artisans. Online search tools for experts looking for work and projects needing artisans. It’s a central marketplace for everything heritage. Join our vibrant community.


An umbrella organization for everything pertaining to our heritage and culture. Carolina Reviglio della Veneria is the doyenne of Heritage Ambassadors around the world, taking our past into the future. We are a passionate community that is compiling a comprehensive global repository and cultural map. Facilitating networking, training and work opportunities, marketplace and events.


With buildings in decline, artisans getting older, recipes forgotten and history lost… we needs to be proactive. While there are many individuals and organizations working towards preserving the past, there is need for cohesion and unity. ArtAcadia.org is a catalyst for those that care and focal point for people passionate about their heritage. That’s why this unique opportunity exists.


No matter where you are in the world, nor what you do for a living, anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Starting with scholars, students, job seekers, employees looking for a second income, stay-at-home parents, business owners, super affiliates, retrenched and retired folks. It’s also ideal for managers and administrators of any project. ArtAcadia.org fits into everything.


There is no better time to get involved than now. There is no charge to create a user account. Have a look around and decide from there. Fortune favours the bold, both young and old. Take one step at a time and follow the path to success. Keep doing what you already do and blend ArtAcadia into your life, as and when you can. The results will show as you learn how to earn.


Think global, work local. Attend networking meetups and/or set course with your keyboard. Everything is online and can incorporate your current projects, business and future career prospects. Making extra income, take various courses, look for work, promote your own products and services. There is also a module where members can manage their events.


We keep it simple. No forms to fill out… just sign in with an existing social ID. This helps to keep the fake folks out and the quality of the community high. No anonymous trolls here! Respect for privacy is a priority and the only information we keep is First, Lastname & Email. That’s all we need, plus some time to take the quick tutorial. Click here to help take our past into the future…


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Take the tutorial…

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ANYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador and earn money…


Pay back the loans!

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A global opportunity for everyone!

No matter where you live, nor what you do for a living… EVERYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador!


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