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Members have access to all the resources. You will be able to create as many Directory listings as needed, post your CV to the JobsBoard and have Member privileges in other areas. Get at least one new Download per month, as well as ongoing Special Offers and Discounts. The basic Membership fee is £19 per month and unlikely to ever change. On the contrary, the benefits of membership increase exponentially, every month. We don’t want Members to even think of leaving, so we make every effort to keep adding more value. There are no fixed commitments nor contracts. If you have to quit for any reason, simply hit the CANCEL button in your control panel. Your user account, affiliate ID and Directory listings stay in place. You have nothing to lose . Join us and raise your status as a Heritage Ambassador!


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  • Full access to the Member Zone.
  • Follow the online Induction Course.
  • Unrestricted access to the Community.
  • Create unlimited Directory/Map listings.
  • Post and promote your CV on the JobsBoard.
  • Free entry to selected local Meetups and events.
  • A continuous stream of special offers and discounts.
  • You will have unrestricted access on a monthly basis.

Cost is £20 per month. (Unlikely to ever change!)



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