It is clear that traditional ways to raise funds – do not work! Otherwise there would not be so many sad, derelict buildings around the world. Then there is the constant maintenance. Hence, there is a need for some capital, as well as on-going revenue to KEEP the buildings from falling back into disrepair. Clearly we have our work cut out for us, to find sustainable ways to source funding and residual revenue. To wit, charity begins at the cash register!

Heritage Dereliction

Donations don’t work!

While there ARE generous donors out there, it’s not enough.

Donations do not work!


Affiliate Marketing is the answer!

We’ve opted for an affiliate program. Specifically pay-for-performance through social media.

Affiliate Marketing


Sharing our revenue!

Affiliates can earn up to 50% from membership fees.

Percentage to Affiliates...

A single-tier affiliate program, with lifetime commissions, as long as the member stays actiive.

Residual Revenue

While it may seem too generous, half a watermelon is bigger than a whole orange. Also, affiliate marketing allows us to keep the website advertising-free. offering our audience unbiaised resources, objective listings and generally uncluttered online experience. By incentivizing affiliates to strive for financial independence and keep it that way, results in the capital and residual revenue needed to restore our heritage. Cash needs to flow constantly!

Heritage Restoration


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No donations needed!

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