Carolina relaxed and ready!

On this first day of 2019, the thoughts of 2018 are far from forgotten. What a year it was! Personally I grew in many ways, especially technically. I did not think it would take this long to put together. However, being so close to the development team, I have a better understanding of the software cycle. It takes time to put all the bits and bytes together, if you want a robust and flexible system. I’m pleased to say that my patience paid off handsomely. We are good to go, with a concept, platform and plan, that far exceeds my initial expectations!

Last year was also a challenge on the restoration front. We had many loose ends to tie up in my day job, which is Atelier della Calce. The projects we take on give me good experience in the field, while also reminding me of the plight of our talented artisans. So much to do, with limited resources and tight budgets. There simply is not enough work and money to go round. It’s with despair that I drive the length and breadth of Italy, with buildings lying in ruins everywhere. That said, I’m encouraged, now that we have a new set of quivers in our heritage bow. is going to make a huge difference. The primary task at hand in 2019 is to find, recruit and motivate thousands of Heritage Ambassadors around the world. As the self-proclaimed Doyenne of, my work is cut out for me. I’m ready to step up to the plate and take our past into the future. Please join forces with us!

I wish one and all… a mutually prosperous 2019.

Fireworks over Venice!

Carolina Reviglio della Veneria

Carolina Reviglio della Veneria

Heritage Doyenne

“Only once we fully understand where we come from… and truly appreciate our heritage… can we imagine a fabulous future filled with the richness of our past. Life is ours to design!” I’m on the web here >>

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