Sacred Nature Earth

At Sacred Nature, we specialise in high-quality, intimate tours where we delve into the most remarkable medicinal plant sanctuaries on earth. From tropical rainforests, high and wild mountains, to the poetic and rich landscapes of Provence, you will have an authentic experience connecting with mystical cultures who maintain a deep connection with nature and spirit alike and who still possess ancient wisdom that so many have forgotten. More than a tour, what we offer are sacred journeys, where you will not only discover the healing power of medicinal herbs, ancient healing practices, and different cultural traditions but rediscover your own sacred nature. We are sure you will live a transformative and authentic adventure where you will deepen your connection with nature and with yourself. Sacred Nature was founded by Alicia and Guillaume. Both sharing a deep passion for travel, nature and natural ways of living, they discovered the healing world of plants. Enthused and amazed by how powerful Nature’s ability to heal is, they decided to quit the rat race and make their passions their daily reality.

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