Fontana dell'Acqua Paola

On the Gianicolo hill, better known to all as the Fontanone, the Paola water fountain is located at the end of the aqueduct activated by Paolo V Borghese (from which it takes its name) to supply water to the Trastevere district that until then had had to settle almost only for wells and river water. In fact, the Paolo aqueduct was the original Trajan aqueduct restored in the Renaissance. The water was brought from Lake Bracciano and in ancient times it was used to move the mills of Rome. An arm of the aqueduct was detached to bring water to the Vatican and the fountains of the gardens and those of St. Peter’s Square. The beautiful fountain was built by Flaminio Ponzio in collaboration with Giovanni Fontana between 1610 and 1612.

Via Garibaldi, 00153, Roma RM, ItalyGreater Europe,Global,00153

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