Fondazione Ferrero

The Piera, Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero Foundation was set up in 1983 as the “Ferrero Social Initiative”; since 1991. The “family” style of the Ferrero company is still a fundamental characteristic easily seen in its production operations. This approach includes a sense of social responsibility at both a global level and in individual employment relations, despite the considerable size that the company has reached. From the very beginning, this sense of “family” has been a widespread sentiment amongst the workers who, with their dedication and in a climate of mutual trust, have contributed to the success of the Ferrero brand. In over sixty years, several generations of people have worked for Ferrero, which can boast experience of long-term employment like few other companies. Presided over by Maria Franca Ferrero, general secretary Bartolomeo Salomone, the Foundation embodies the idea of Pietro’s son Cavaliere del Lavoro Michele Ferrero who, in 1946, worked together with his brother Giovanni to found the confectionery company that has become a multinational corporation.

Via Vivaro, 49, 12051 Alba CN, ItalyGreater Europe,Global,12051

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