We have to return to the ‘40s to discover the roots of this success. These were the years when Piera and Pietro, Michele’s parents, transformed a pastry shop into a factory. The Ferrero’ Family was the first Italian manufacturer after World War II to open production sites and offices abroad in the confectionary sector, turning the Company into a truly international Group. These first and decisive steps forward were thanks to the products “invented” by Pietro Ferrero and his son Michele, who was then very young. The product was Nutella made of chocolate and hazelnuts, invented because of the lack of chocolate during the war. Another key to success was the effective sales network organized by Giovanni, Pietro’s brother, who died in 1949. Following the success of the company in Italy, Michele Ferrero decided to start producing also abroad. In 1956 a large plant in Germany was inaugurated and a short time later a plant in France. It was the prelude to a rapid expansion of Ferrero in Europe, with the establishment of commercial offices and production centers all over the world.

Via Pietro Ferrero 19, 12051, Alba, Cn, ItalyGreater Europe,Global,12051

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