Emanuele Tozzoli Italy

Emanuele Tozzoli has been painting and creating since he was old enough to pick up a brush, learning the art from his father, a renowned painter and sculptor.
Attracted by the most hidden parts of human nature, it descends in its depths in search of the original figures. Emanuele Tozzoli lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, investigating the subtle nature of artistic composition.
Tozzoli enjoys using different materials together. He is intrigued by the depth that is created by combining different mediums. All his works are mixed media, mainly using acrylics, oil pastels, spray paints, markers, pens, wall glazes and collages. He worked for several years as a decorator and restorer of wall paintings with the Turin art master Silvio Scarafiotti, this had a major impact on his work method and way of conceiving painting and art.
With an instinctive and visceral workflow, it lets loose what comes from the unconscious, using a recurring symbology. Each work is the result of a primitive flow where the painting becomes the materialization of a dreamlike and extravagant interior world.

Los Angeles, 90001, CA, USANorth America,Global,90001 https://facebook.com/Emanuele-Tozzoli-167534310610668/

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