Diomede Islands

The Diomede Islands, also known in Russia as Gvozdev Islands, consist of two rocky, mesa-like islands: the Russian island of Big Diomede, and the U.S. island of Little Diomede (part of Alaska) or Ignaluk, also known as Krusenstern Island. The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between mainland Alaska and Siberia, which borders the Chukchi Sea to the north and the Bering Sea to the south. Because they are separated by the International Date Line, Big Diomede is almost a day ahead of Little Diomede, but not completely; due to locally defined time zones, Big Diomede is only 21 hours ahead of Little Diomede (20 in summer). Because of this, the islands are sometimes called Tomorrow Island (Big Diomede) and Yesterday Island (Little Diomede).

Diomede, Alaska, 99762, United StatesNorth America,Global,99762 https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Diomede_Islands

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