Cristina Gabetti

I love life in its infinite manifestations, and becoming a mother I found it natural to care for my children and our Planet with the same spirit of gratitude and devotion. A journalist at heart, I dove with curiosity into the www – world wide web – to understand how to lighten our ecological footprint. Exploring the complex interdependence that governs life, I was struck by the speed of environmental and social degradation, and the growing distance between finance and the economics of everyday life. On the other hand, I was surprised by the abundance of information and restorative opportunities. I felt called to action – my personal challenge became collective.

At home, I chose a positive attitude to transform daily habits, and in the same spirit I later chose to address readers and listeners. Starting from the macro dimension of a problem–waste, pollution, production, quality, labor–I look for the most appropriate solutions to repair. With technological advancement, tools to measure and improve the impact of human activities have increased, and while this excites me, it also invites me to be vigilant of the boundaries between natural and artificial.

In all my activities, my purpose is to build critical mass, inform and motivate, promote action, collaboration and enable dialogue. Deeply empathic, I see the ability of feeling with others as a way to strengthen our sense of belonging to a fragile world and develop resilience by embracing our vulnerability. At the moment, I’m dealing with my own – stress induced alopecia.

Milan, 20122, ItalyGreater Europe,Global,20122 *****

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