CRdV di Carolina Reviglio - Italy

Only once we fully understand where we come from and truly appreciate our heritage, can we imagine a fabulous future filled with the richness of our past. Carolina has been renovating houses ever since, first for friends then, through the years, it becomes a job. She experienced for 6 years in an architect’s studio, then started on her own with Italian artisans. She specializes in lime and natural materials and works with high-quality craftsmen. The gift of knowing how to live the interior spaces makes her an attentive and professional interior designer. She cultivates the acquired good taste, with passionate and punctual research.

As her interior design skills and agency grew, she found herself gravitating towards the past. She really enjoyed breathing new life into older buildings, churches and abbeys. For Carolina there is greater satisfaction in saving a structure than creating something new. The next step was to create an entity that could turn on key projects. Right from a ruin, if necessary, to the final touches of the interior. A full service brand called CRdV. The first three years were hard, but the growing pains gave way to a mature and prosperous player in the restoration industry.

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