Cindy Vine Travels Portugal

Cindy Vine Travels and Portugal, Cindy Vine is an author, mother of three kids, with lots of life experiences she uses as an inspiration source to write her books about. She is a teacher and uses her teaching qualifications to travel around the world teaching. Cindy Vine’s novels are known for their sharp insight on interpersonal relationships. Cindy loves to travel and enjoy taking photos and videos to document her trip. That’s so that when her memory starts to fade she can remember what she’s done and where she’s been. So if you are a fellow traveller or an armchair traveller, you will be interested in following her adventures. Cindy decided to moove to Portugal and just purchased a 2.5hec. farm in Central Portugal. Interesting to understand why she chose moving to Portugal and what future she’s expecting to live, this was the dream of her life. She bought an old farm abandoned with a big garden also abandoned. We talked about why she chose moving to Portugal and what future. The farm is called Bela Pedra that means Pretty Stone. She started restoring it and taking care of the garden, planting trees and farming, all on her ow, learning day by day with passion and care and documenting her journey on her YouTube channel and blogs. She is admirable for the positive strength she has, she is an example of how anyone can reach their dreams.

Castelo Branco, 52000, PortugalGreater Europe,Global,52000 *****

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