Carolina Mazzolari

Carolina Mazzolari is a Milanese artist known for her multidisciplinary practice involving textile manipulation, painting, photography, video and performance. I visited the studio she shares with her husband Conrad Shawcross in Clapton, London and left feeling both uplifted and inspired by her practice. While her range of mediums in extensive, Mazzolari is formally trained as a textile artist, graduating from the Chelsea College of Art in 2003; with a focus on dyeing techniques and screen printing. As her primary medium, Mazzolari’s textiles are identifiable by their extraordinary level of craftsmanship and detail – often addressing the emotionally charged concepts of grief, love and struggle. She is inspired by psychoanalysis, intuition, cognition, human behavior, and emotional development. Often addressing deep human emotions such as loss, grief, love, and struggle, her works exude an overwhelming power, making memory and the unconscious physical and tangible.

Upper Clapton, Londra, E5 9DB, UKGreater Europe,Global,E5 9DB *****

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