Carla Chiusano

Carla was born in Turin in 1964. She left her home-town at the early age of 6 months, to eventually return as a young adult and for a relatively short period of time.Moving continously was thrilling, but she needed something that would make her feel at home, a “fil rouge” that would accompany her through these new adventures, something only her’s. Her family was very important but not enough to make her feel completetely settled. The art of painting and humoristic drawing became “my very best invisible friends”, they would sit by her at all times, comfort her when most needed, help her to understand what she was experiencing. And the most important thing… “they were just mine!” IShe paints what she wants when she wants… but every day!. Regardless of everything and everyone. Taking inspiration anywhere. She paints her emotions, her feelings, the beauty or the unexpected around her. Random search for passion. She went from faceless people in her early teens to painting gigantic close up of wild animals, to Abstract in an abstract part of her life and then back to reality to been a polaroid of the unexpected around her. One rule OIL Paint. She can humoristically fix that moment so that you will never forget it.

Ginevra, SuisseGreater Europe,Global *****

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