There is no such thing as a dumb question and none are found here. All questions are patiently acknowledged and concise answers posted for the benefit of others. The FAQ grows over time.


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Who is this initiative for?

Everyone is welcome. No matter where in the world you are, nor what you do for a living.

These are the folks who do well as Heritage Ambassadors:

  • Scholars & Students
  • Employment Seekers
  • Employed, But Always Broke!
  • Single & Stay-At-Home Parents
  • Struggling Business Owners
  • Administrators & Managers
  • Retrenched & Retired Folks
  • Successful Super Affiliates

No specific qualifications required!

Who is behind this initiative?

ArtAcadia.org is not a company nor organization. It’s driven by volunteers around the globe. Essentially every user is a Heritage Ambassador, who operates independently, Simply helping to spread the word, by incorporating the affiliate program into what they already do >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

Where are you physically based?

  • There is no fixed office. The servers are in The Cloud.
  • Support is provided online, by volunteers around the globe,
  • Development is done online, by several teams in various countries.
  • We are dispersed in over 15 different countries throughout the world.
  • Heritage Ambassadors are located around the globe and operate independently.
  • The jurisdication for the Privacy Policy is South Africa, where most of the development is done.

How do I/we get started and involved?

Simply follow the general tutorial here >> https://artacadia.org/tutorial/

See how the affiliate program works here >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/


User Account

Does a user account cost anything?

No. User accounts are free forever.

How do I create a free user account?

Simply register/login with one of your social media accounts here >> https://artacadia.org/register/

Why must I login with my social account?

We prefer to keep it real and allow access to legitimate users only. It’s simply too difficult to block bad bots from abusing registration and login forms. Not to mention combatting the idiots who come into the community, with the sole purpose of spamming and/or be idiots. We reckon that the social networks already apply an idiot filter, so the chances of them getting through to us, are reduced. Besides, it’s much easier to login with your social accounts. One less username and password to remember. Login here >> https://artacadia.org/login/

Will my personal details be kept anywhere and why?

We only get your First, Lastname and Email from the social network. It’s the same information that would otherwise be entered into a registration form. The data goes into a standard database and we use it to personalize your website visit. Your details are also kept in our MailChimp newsletter list. You can find your details here >> https://artacadia.org/member-account/

Will I be spammed and/or receive pressure sales emails?

No. We hate spam just as much as you do. Also, we detest hype and dramatic “Offer expires at midnight!” pressure selling. We simply don’t do any of that.

Can I cancel my user account and delete my details?

Sure. You can simply use the delete function in your user account control panel >> https://artacadia.org/member-account/

To leave the MailChimp list, simply click on the unsubscribe link in any of the emails received. Your email address is removed instantly.


Affiliate Program

What's an affiliate program?

Is this MLM and/or a pyramid scheme?

No, not at all. Referrals are only earned on actual sales, NOT by referring others to the program.

To understand the difference between MLM and affiliate marketing, read these independent articles:

About Affiliate Marketing >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

About MLM >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-level_marketing

Is this a way to get-rich-quick and retire early?

Not at all. There is work involved, but very easy. See details here >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

How much money can I realistically earn from this?

That’s up to you. The more effort you put in, the more you will earn.

See details here >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

Do I have to leave my current job?

Not at all. It fits in with whatever you currently do.

If you do not have a job… this can be your main occupation!

How do I join the affiliate program?

No need to register. Simply login with your social account >> https://artacadia.org/login/

Your affiliate ID is automatically generated.

Then read this page >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

Where can I find my unique affiliate ID?

Click here to see all your affiliate details >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/stats/

What's the quickest way to get started?

Simply read and follow this page >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

Where can I get my affiliate links?

Where can I get my unique QR code?

Where can I download/print my unique graphics?

Where can I see when people clicked on my links?

Where can I see all my sales referrals?

Where can I manage my alerts and notifications?

Can you send alerts to my phone?

Where can I see my affiliate payments?

Where do I set my PayPal address?

Where do I manage my affiliate profile?

Where do I set all my affiliate stats?



What are the Membership options?

Click here to see the Membership options >> https://artacadia.org/membership/

Does the Trial give me access to everything?

You will have access to all the pertinent areas of the website, as well as being able to create listings and events. However, your affiliate rank will not be set to 20% as per Member status.

How is my payment taken and by whom?

We only take credit cards and use Stripe to process payments securely >> https://stripe.com

We do not keep your credit card details. However, you can authorise Stripe to retain your card details, for easier monthly processing.

Where do I see my Membership details?

Click here to see your details >> https://artacadia.org/member-account/

Where do I see my subscriptions?

Click here to see your subscriptions >> https://artacadia.org/subscriptions/

Where can I print off my invoices?

Click here to see your invoices >> https://artacadia.org/members/invoices/

How do I cancel my Membership options?

Click here to see your subscriptions >> https://artacadia.org/members/subscriptions/

Look in the ACTIONS column and delete the subscriptions no longer required.



What and where is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the focal point of the website. You can find everything from here >> https://artacadia.org/dashboard/

I can see the Dashboard, but cannot access some items?

Some of the items are only accessible to Users & Members. Login here >> https://artacadia.org/login/



What is the purpose of the Community?

It’s an online discussion forum for everything related to heritage. Join in here >> https://artacadia.org/community/

What are the requirements for participation?

Registered users only. Converse according to the Groups and Topics. NO commercials, NO politics, NO religion, NO solicitations. Please be respectful to others at all times, in order to be welcome here >> https://artacadia.org/community/




What is the purpose of the Directory?

The Directory is a central repository for everything related to heritage and culture. See the categories here >> https://artacadia.org/directory/

What so special about these Directory Listings?

To understand the anatomy of a Directory Listing, please see here >> https://artacadia.org/directory/listings/

How can I/we add my/our business to the Directory?

Meetups can submit unlimited listings here >> https://artacadia.org/listing-form/

I/we submitted a listing but it does not show up?

Listings are manually reviewed and approved. Depending on the backlog, it can take a few days to reflect. If not, please submit a ticket here >> https://artacadia.org/support/

How can I/we manage or delete my/our listings?

To manage all your listings, please click here >> https://artacadia.org/manage-listings/


The Map



What is a Meetup?

It’s a social gathering of anyone interested in their heritage and how to preserve it. See details here >> https://artacadia.org/meetups/

Who can attend Meetups?

Anyone can attend a Meetups. No need to be a Member. See details here >> https://artacadia.org/meetups/

Where are Meetups held?

Meetups can be anywhere, throughout the year. See the calendar here >> https://artacadia.org/calendar/

What does it cost to attend?

There is no charge for the actual Meetup itself. However, certain venues may impose an entrance fee and/or charge for food and beverages. These are for the personal account of the attendee.

What should I bring to a Meetup?

Nothing in particular, except a good attitude and lots of business cards. It’s all about the networking! See details here >> https://artacadia.org/meetups/

Can I organize a Meetup?

You certainly can! Members are encouraged to think global but act local. If you would like to host a Meetup in your area, please contact us here >> https://artacadia.org/support/



What are the components of the Academy?

There are various online courses here >> https://artacadia.org/courseware/

Additional courses are catalogued here >> https://artacadia.org/courseware/plus/

We intend to open training centres in locations around the world. Subscribe here >> https://artacadia.org/newsletter/



Who can post their CV here?

Members can post their CV here >> https://artacadia.org/jobsboard/seekers/

Who can list vacancies here?

Members who have the Business Pack option can list vacancies here >> https://artacadia.org/jobsboard/offering/



What products and services are listed here?

We participate in selected affiliate programs and promote the items here >> https://artacadia.org/marketplace/

Can I list my/our products and services here?

If you have an afffiliate program, then we can take a look at it. Contact us here >> https://artacadia.org/support/


The Calendar

What events are listed in this calendar?

Anything related to heritage and culture. It’s a central resource for people to consult online >> https://artacadia.org/calendar/

Who can add events to the calendar?

Members can add their events to the calendar >> https://artacadia.org/calendar/


Manage Events

How do I/we add my/our events?

First you have to login, then add your event here >> https://artacadia.org/events/add/

My/our event is not showing in the calendar?

All submissions are manually reviewed before being published in the calendar. Give it about 48 hours. Thereafter, if still not showing, please open a support ticket >> https://artacadia.org/support/


Help & Support

How do I get started here?

The best way to get started is follow the tutorial here >> https://artacadia.org/tutorial/

Can you show me how things work?

You can see how it works by following the steps on this page >> https://artacadia.org/affiliates/

What if I need more help and support?

See the various ways you can get assistance here >> https://artacadia.org/support/

What are your general support hours?

We cover as many time zones as we can, with automated bots. Real people are around at these times…

  • Mondays to Fridays from 09h00 – 23h00 GMT
  • Saturday to Sunday from 09h00 – 12h00 GMT

We do our best to answer tickets within 24 hours.