I first set out to travel the world in 1986. Exploring many places, experiencing various cultures and tracing my own heritage. Traveling through life is a personal journey in body, mind and soul. While we may not always know what lies ahead, one thing is for sure... we all come from somewhere. With a good understanding of our past, it's easier to embrace the future. One step at a time, meandering with meaning, navigating as we go along. Getting lost is a bonus. After all, it's just a place we have not been to before. That said, life is short... and I now find myself more discerning when choosing a route. The path is unique and interesting. Lined with limitless possibilities. It's a good way to give back. As a Heritage Ambassador, I look forward to helping others forge their way to a fabulous future!

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A carefree childhood in the Piedmont countryside among the many cousins and friends, the mountains, skiing and the love for culture and art that I breathed at home and among family friends, my Venetian grandmother, were my training. Artists, university professors, friends of father and mother who walked around the house. Living in the United States, Ancona, England, my classmates, only public schools, believed I was a foreigner. This habitat has brought me here, in the depths of my soul, an undisputed love for beauty and architecture as an art of immediate communication. Thanks to a move that took me to the most remote Italy, I met the first true artisans in 1987. Since then, the many experiences with them, the renovations, the lime and here I am, at ready to give the opportunity to all we, to enhance the cultural heritage of our country and continent: our roots, our gold.

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