Founded in 1928 as the first art academy with complete academic programs in China, China Academy of Art, undergoing changes in name and location, continues to yield outstanding achievements known both at home and abroad. CAA has experienced early hardship, ample maturity and leaping expansion as a vanguard in art. With a mission to revitalize Chinese art, it is in active dialogue with the world and has great influence in the development of modern and contemporary art in China.

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Yokohama University of Art and Design has around 13,000 graduated students who have worked actively in various fields of our society for 50 years, since the Women’s Junior University was founded, which is a former university of Yokohama University of Art and Design. Art is extremely important to shape a spiritually affluent and active society. Because creativity in Art links peoples and cultures beyond various borders and becomes a foundation to create something new.

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Fabio Fratini, National Research Council (CNR), CNR-ICVBC Department, Faculty Member. Studies Heritage Conservation and is working at the CNR for Heritage Conservation in Florence. A true expert passionate for antique plasters he analyzes them and can tell you the composition and their history and much more.

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It was the Royal Madame Maria Giovanna Battista, in 1678, to provide the capital of a Turin Academy of painters, sculptors and architects. Centuries of Italian and Flemish painting: from the masterpieces of the Renaissance workshops to the most recent works by masters and students of the Accademia of Fine Arts in Turin still active. The institution of the annexed Pinacoteca was instead the work of Carlo Alberto, in 1837.

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