Heritage Ambassadors

C Reviglio della Veneria¹ and H Olschewski²

¹ Heritage Doyenne, ArtAcadia.org, Turin, Italy
² CTO, ArtAcadia.org, Cape Town, South Africa

Abstract.  This document outlines the concept of enabling Heritage Ambassadors all over the world to help preserve our respective cultural heritage. Using cutting edge technology and unique marketing methods to spread the word. With various resources and components, this global opportunity is made available at no cost. The philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy ~ I am, because we are. Together. ~ facilitates a clear vision and determined mission,  for ANYONE, to take our past into the future.


1. Summary

People from all walks of life, anywhere in the world, can be Heritage Ambassadors. Helping to take our past into the future and share the revenue, using the concept of Ubuntu Synergy.

1.1. What

ArtAcadia.org is an umbrella organization for everything pertaining to our heritage and respective cultures. Providing a platform for Heritage Ambassadors, to help take our past into the future. We are a passionate community that is compiling a comprehensive global directory and cultural map. Facilitating networking, training, work opportunities, events and marketplace.


1.2. Why

With buildings in decline, artisans getting older, recipes forgotten and history lost, we need to preserve our past. While there are many individuals and organizations interested in heritage, there is a need for cohesion and unity. ArtAcadia.org is a catalyst for those who care and focal point for people passionate about their heritage. That’s why this unique opportunity exists.


1.3. Who

No matter where you are in the world, nor what you do for a living, anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Starting with scholars, students, job seekers, employees looking for a second income, stay-at-home parents, business owners, super affiliates, retrenched and retired folks. It’s also ideal for managers and administrators of any project. ArtAcadia.org fits into everything.


1.4 When

There is no better time to get involved than now. There is no charge to create a user account. Have a look around and decide from there. Fortune favours the bold, both young and old. Take one step at a time and follow the path to success. Keep doing what you already do and blend ArtAcadia into your life, as and when you can. The results will show as you learn how to earn.


1.5 Where

Think global, work local. Attend networking meetups and/or set course with your keyboard. Everything is online and can incorporate your current projects, business and future career prospects. Making extra income, take various courses, look for work, promote your own products and services. There is also a module where members can manage their events.


1.6 How

ArtAcadia.org encompasses the old and new. Using a combination of traditional offline methods and state-of-the-art technology, the platform serves Heritage Ambassadors around the world. Based on the principles of Ubuntu Synergy ~ “I am, because we are. Together.” and revenue sharing business model, the concept is unique. We provide step-by-step guidance all the way.



2. The Components

ArtAcadia.org consists of various components that provide everything needed to be a successful Heritage Ambassador.


  • Affiliate Stats
  • Member Profile
  • Member Account
  • Membership Options
  • Resources Dashboard
  • Community Forums
  • Meetups & Socials
  • Online Academy
  • The Directory
  • Global Map
  • JobsBoard
  • EventSpace
  • MarketPlace


2.1. Affiliate Stats

Users are automatically allocated an affiliate ID. We use sophisticated affiliate link tracking. All shares, clicks and referrals are tracked in real time. Access to statistics is provided online.


2.2. Member Profile

Heritage Ambassadors are encouraged to present a professional profile to the community. While the First Lastname and profile picture are taken from your social account, there are a few additional details to complete.


2.3. Member Account

Easily manage all the aspects of your account. The available options, active subscriptions, transactions and invoices. Users are always in control of whatever information they choose to divulge.


2.4. Membership Options

This initiative is for everyone. It costs nothing to be a Heritage Ambassador. There is no charge to create a user account. It’s free to join. Then, depending on the commitment, involvement and determination to succeed, there are additional membership options available to all users. The revenue model is based on the philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy ~ “I am, because we are. Together.” ~ No SPAM, No HYPE, No MLM, No DONATIONS and No ADVERTISING. There is a better way. Heritage Ambassadors generate residual revenue from memberships and key resources:



2.6. Resources Dashboard

Instantly access an online dashboard with direct links to everything that matters. An easy control panel for users to make the most efficient use of a comprehensive suite of tools and resources.


2.7. Community Forums

Simply login with an existing social ID to participate in our online community. Pad out your profile and feel free to promote yourself. Join the various focus groups for maximum benefit.


2.8. Meetups & Socials

Members meet locally and interact globally. Networking with peers and fostering new business relationships. Meeting face-to-face is generally the most effective way to promote your business.


2.9. Online Academy

Interesting subjects covered in short, concise online tutorials. Leading to hands-on workshops, internships and study programs in various locations. Imparting knowledge is the key to success.


2.10. The Directory

A global repository of listings that reflect the details of everything related to our heritage. Proactive individuals, companies, projects and initiatives, organized into specific categories.


2.11. Global Map

The directory content is displayed on an interactive map. A global pin cushion of heritage related places, people, projects and various organizations that make up our past, going into the future.


2.12. JobsBoard

Resources for job seekers and those offering work. Members can upload their resumé and employees can search for suitable candidates. Online search, messaging and vacancy alerts.


2.13. MarketPlace

Online shopping for select digital and physical items that Heritage Ambassadors can use to spread the word. Promote and sell branded goods while earning healthy affiliate commissions.



3. The Philosophy

ArtAcadia.org is based on the principles of Ubuntu Synergy ~ “I am, because we are. Together”.


  • No SPAM nor Unsolicited Commercial Email.
  • No HYPE nor “last-minute deadline” selling.
  • No Multi Level Marketing nor “pyramids”.
  • No DONATIONS accepted whatsoever.
  • No ADVERTISING online nor offline.



4. The Opportunity

No matter where in the world you live, nor what you do for a living, ANYONE can be a successful Heritage Ambassador. The ArtAcadia.org initiative seamlessly fits into anything and everything.

It’s an opportunity for:




5. The Vision & Mission

Using a blend of ethical marketing and advanced technology, ArtAcadia.org provides a stable platform for pro-active people. Heritage Ambassadors are guided by a progressive vision, formed by history and tradition. Building constructively with ancient methods and proven artisanal skills, we’re on a mission to preserve the past and contribute positively to the future.



6. Additional Information