Heritage Ambassadors

The old and the new!

NextAbout this initiative…

A community of Heritage Ambassadors, building a global directory of everything related to our heritage, projected onto an online map. Facilitating meetups around the world, online courses and physical academy for artisans. Online search tools for experts looking for work and projects needing artisans. It’s a central marketplace for everything heritage. Join our vibrant community.

NextShow me around…

The best way to absorb the information here is to take the quick tutorial. Walking you through the basics from A to Z… then sets you free to explore more. Carolina Reviglio will be your guide…

NextThe big picture…

To complement the online tutorial, we publish a dynamic mindmap of the various modules that constitute ArtAcadia.org. Click to expand the map components to fully understand the concept.

NextJoin with us…

Simply login with an existing social ID to participate in our online community. Pad out your profile and feel free to promote yourself. Join the various focus groups for maximum benefit.

NextThe directory…

A global repository of listings that reflect the details of everything related to our heritage. Proactive individuals, companies, projects and initiatives, organized into specific categories.

NextExplore the map…

The directory content is displayed on an interactive map. A global pin cushion of heritage related places, people, projects and various organizations that make up our past, going into the future.

NextMeet up and network…

Members meet locally and interact globally. Networking with peers and fostering new business relationships. Meeting face-to-face is generally the most effective way to promote your business.

NextTake courses and learn…

Interesting subjects covered in short, concise online tutorials. Leading to hands-on workshops, internships and study programs in various locations. Imparting knowledge is the key to success.

NextFind jobs and experts…

Resources for job seekers and those offering work. Members can upload their resume and employees can search for suitable candidates. Online search, messaging and vacancy alerts.

NextA niche marketplace…

Online shopping for select digital and physical items that Heritage Ambassadors can use to spread the word. Promote and sell branded goods while earning easy affiliate commissions.

NextHeritage events…

A centralized calendar of heritage-related events around the world. Members can add/manage their events, which are automatically promoted on the website, blog and in the community.

NextYour user account…

Easily manage all the aspects of your account. Pad out your profile and present yourself to the community. Users are always in control of whatever information they choose to divulge online.

NextAccess to all the tools…

Instantly access an online dashboard with direct links to everything that matters. An easy control panel for users to make the most efficient use of a comprehensive suite of tools and resources.

NextAmbassadors earn money…

Users are automatically enrolled as affiliates. A standard affiliate program with ONE commission tier. This is not MLM. We don’t do spam and there is NO need to pay anything to be an affiliate.

NextAttend heritage events…

Keep track of heritage related events and happenings. Members can also create and manage their own events. All brought together in one single online calendar for a global audience.

NextFollow the heritage blog…

Content is king and people thrive on fresh facts, new ideas and poignant points of view. Reflecting on the past with a critical eye and looking forward to the future with 20/20 vision.

NextFrequently asked questions…

Understanding comes with clarity of thought. By removing mental obstacles and objections, we strive to paint a clear picture of what being a Heritage Ambassador entails. If in doubt just ask!

NextHelp and support…

Please take the tutorial, complete the user checklists, peruse the frequently asked questions and knowledge base. If still in need of assistance, start a chat session and/or submit a support ticket.

NextNewsletter & Updates…

An infrequent publication of happenings and updates. Sent only when needed, in accordance with user interests, group selection and notification settings. Change preferences at any time!

NextOpportunity knocks…

No matter where you are in the world, nor what you do for a living, anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Starting with scholars, students, job seekers, employees looking for a second income, stay-at-home parents, business owners, super affiliates, retrenched and retired folks. It’s also ideal for managers and administrators of any project. ArtAcadia.org fits into everything.


Opportunity knocks!


ANYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador and earn money…


Pay back the loans!

Scholars & Students


Desperate for work!

Employment Seekers


I need a second income!

Employed, But Always Broke!


Be with your kids!

Single & Stay-At-Home Parents


Alternative revenue streams!

Struggling Business Owners


Smarter ways to generate revenie!

Administrators & Managers


Make use of all that experience!

Retrenched & Retired Folks


How to make money!

Successful Super Affiliates


A global opportunity for everyone!

No matter where you live, nor what you do for a living… EVERYONE can be a Heritage Ambassador!



Take the tutorial!

Read the tutorial…